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So Why Panama?
Panama is such an amazing country and surprises everyone who visits. I joke with our friends that if they are planning on coming to Panama be prepared to be overwhelmed.

So Why Panama? Is there a reason - No, There are several reasons -- the opportunities are plentiful, albeit the prices are going up.

We have really taken to the Caribbean coast as it offers so much nicer water and beaches.

Costa del Este
Panama City, Panama
They Need Your Love
They Need Your Love - animal shelter in Arraijan near Panama City. Hundreds of dogs and cats that have been rescued from a life on the streets, starving, hurt, and unloved.

We have set up a web site to help.

You can Adopt a Pet no matter where you are in the world. For as little as $15 per month you can help make the life so much better for one dog or cat.

Donate Now

The 2012 Spay Panama calendar is now available and it's their best ever! Both Panamanian AND U.S. holidays are labeled. The pictures featured are all of formerly homeless dogs and cats that were neutered and lucky enough to have been adopted. All proceeds go to support the wonderful efforts of Spay Panama to control the overpopulation of unwanted pets. Since its inception in 2002, Spay Panama has sterilized over 24,000 animals! The yearly calendar is their main fundraising tool and they really need your support. Like most other non-profit organizations, Spay Panama has seen a severe drop in donations due to the economy.

So, by purchasing a calendar you get something truly useful and you help out a great cause at the same time! The price is a ridiculously low $7.00 and the calendars can be found at: the U.S. Embassy, Excedra Books, Balboa Dental Clinic, Los Angeles de los Animales (cell 6781-2641) or Mailboxes, ETC in Coronado

Pat Chan


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Since we moved to Panama in 2006 every time we tell one of our friends that we moved to the Republic of Panama, the first question is always "Why Panama". So we decided to build a web site to help them understand how simple the decision to choose Panama really was to us. We have included some links to other sites and to articles we think might help understand Panama. This  is  by no means exhaustive, so be sure to move through the suggested sites and explore the links and resources they suggest to ensure  you get as much information as possible.

News and events


Last Sunday I had the privilege of visiting the new Panama Canal expansion before it is flooded. There were thousands of others who braved the lines and by mid day the rains to have the ability to wander through the dry canal and to see first hand, up-close the monstrous size of each of the locks. Some months back we saw the Atlantic side expansion from the new observation area and from there they looked huge but to wander through them was a once in a lifetime event. I am just sorry Donna was not here. I spoke with someone this week who felt it was likely that the Canal Authority might do it again before they flood the locks next year.

When I decided to go I had my doubts on how the day would go but I have to say it was very well organized from the parking to the staging area, to the buses, the guides, and the lock area itself.

From the time I left our condo in Costa del Este to actually wandering in the canal was almost 3 hours. The traffic was horrible, the buses busy and the lines very long. The amazing part was people were civil and kept to the lines and did not try and butt in or cut in line. The same with the buses, they were organized and the guides were enthusiastic about their descriptions of the canal.

In 2016 Panama will open both ends of the new expansion and a new era will begin in Panama. Over 100 years ago the first two lanes were finished and the world had a new method of moving goods - in another year the new expansion will double that capacity. Check out these pictures.

These two pictures are not mine - they were posted on Tom Brymers newsletter. My pictures are located on my pictures page.


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I find it fun when I talk with friends in Canada about our move to Panama to hear their lack of knowledge about Panama. Like Donna and me before we visited we had never given any thought to what Panama was really like. When we flew in the first view was totally unexpected. Here is a picture Tom Brymer shared on Panama City.

As Panama does not have an army I don't know how to describe the group Senafront - they are charged with the border patrol and enforcement but they seem to be very involved in community service. They were here in Costa del Este today to clean up the ocean front. By the time I biked by at 2 pm they had gathered over 4 blocks of garbage bags - 4 blocks - incredible. The sad part was today it rained around 2:30 and the river ran white with plastic. What a shame - until the litter problem gets solved, no amount of clean up will make any difference.

Are you a pet person? If so, consider helping some of the really worthy groups trying to make a difference to thousands of homeless cats and dogs in Panama. I've mentioned them before but it is worth repeating - Hogar San Roque, the shelter Mari Pily runs with the help of volunteers, see them on Facebook as https://www.facebook.com/hogaralbergue.sanroque?fref=ts&ref=br_tf, or https://www.facebook.com/hogar.roque?fref=ts and then there is Spay Panama at http://pchan5.wix.com/spaypanama - there are many more but these two we have supported and know how dedicated they are to helping make the lives of abandoned dogs and cats more liveable.

If you want, write us if you have questions - we love to help.

we've included in People, Services, Tourist Site and others in the links on the left side of the page.

We add to these areas as our experience with each of them change .

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Donna started iCanGarden.com and now almost 18 years later it has become Canada's largest Internet gardening resource site. Several thousand people visit her site every day. Spend some time looking over the thousands of pictures of gardens from all over the world.

We are so proud of the TV special just aired by Recreating Eden - entitled "the Gardening Tourist".

Donna recently changed the look of the site - - if you enjoy it - let her know - I am really proud of her.


In 2006 Donna started a site dedicated exclusively to her garden tours.

For more than 8 years she has been hosting groups of gardeners to gardens all over the world.

Donna has some incredible garden tours lined up for 2013 and 2014 - her 2012 tours were all either fully booked or over booked. China 2013 is already closed as it is full. 


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